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Imagine Having Your Training Program Completely Laid Out For You...

  • ☑️  Be prepared each season with a championship training program 
  • ☑️   Have an entire video library of detailed throws drills breaking down each technical position 
  • ☑️   Download handouts for your athletes or yourself of proper throwing mechanics 
  • ☑️   Position yourself as the premier throws coach... no wait, a throws coaching GURU
  • ☑️   Be that coach that has the skills & knowledge to develop your athletes into State Champions, or college bound with a scholarship.... or both!

" Hey Coach, you've built a throws team that just dominates every year! " 

That's the kind of talk you'll start hearing when you use the TCR  System®  Even if you have zero knowledge on how to even start a throws program, you'll have a throws training system at your fingertips guiding you along the way. 

The TCR System| APLHA  level is the whole enchilada...

The TCR System | Alpha level contains

  • 250+ step-by-step video lessons of technical drills & throwing progressions for
    • Rotational Shot Put 
    • Glide Shot Put
    • Discus Throw 
  • Handouts, Checklists & Templates, all designed to be your training guides & powerful tools to keep you & your throws squad on the path to success.
  • Monthly Online live throws coaching workshops. Attend live or watch later on your schedule.
  • Become a member of the Arete Nation- a community of coaches & athletes who all have one goal in mind- TO THROW FAR! 

PLUS, you'll get the TCR System Blueprint free!  This fundamentals of throwing module is crucial to throwing success no matter at what level you are at!

Can't build your pillars of the throw without the foundation being in place. 💪

I wanted to create a place where you get everything you need to become 

  • a successful throws coach for your school or track club
  •  or if you are an athlete without a coach and one of your parents has volunteered tribute to coach you
  • Or you were a thrower in school and you decided to pick it up again and compete at the master meets

So whether you’re a beginner looking for a place to start or you’re a seasoned coach or thrower looking to level up your skills 

The TCR system has everything you need 

And when you combine the tactical approaches with the foundational lessons, you’re gonna have an unfair advantage over all your competition.

So click the button below and let's get to work! 

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The TCR System Can Take You Places

Many TCR System trained athletes now attend some of the top Universities in the country!

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It's time to stop scrolling through countless hours of "maybe this will work" content, and get the #1 throws training system that delivers REAL RESULTS! 


TCR System 5.0 | ALPHA Level

Online Educational Throws Coaching System for Rotational Shot Put, Glide Shot & the Discus Throws 


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